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Your products tested and analyzed by the PIXIS microbiology lab ensures that you know your products are safe.

Our experienced PIXIS professionals can provide your company with a wide variety of microbiological testing services and analyses needed to guarantee the safety of your products.

Nutrition Labeling

Complete compound testing and analysis for food product manufacturers and processors. USFDA mandatory nutritional label testing (fat, protein, calories, sodium, calcium, iron, vitamins, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber and sugars, etc.) FDA simplified nutritional label testing.

Purity Active Ingredients, Contaminants and Additives Testing

Know what suppliers are sending you. If in doubt about the raw material you are purchasing let PIXIS test for active ingredients, additives and contaminants. Avoid costly production mistakes or waste. PIXIS can develop an ongoing plan to ensure the ingredients you use meet your company’s specifications.

Shelf Life

Accurate testing that can be customized to your product needs. Our accurate and reliable results instill confidence in your retailers and consumers. The demand for fresh, convenient, safe and high quality foods continues to grow. Foods however are diverse, complex and active systems in which microbiological, chemical and physicochemical reactions simultaneously take place. This leads to changes in flavor, texture and shelf life. Let PIXIS test the shelf life of your company’s products to ensure shelf life stability. 

Supplements and Vitamin Analysis

Be sure your product delivers what the label says it does. Accuracy is essential. Complete analysis and reporting assures that your product lives up to your company’s reputation. Your products active components are tested with GC, HPLC.

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