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Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is found in many older homes in ceiling tiles, floor tiles, adhesive insulation and siding. Left undisturbed, it’s usually not a problem. The problem arises if it becomes friable or is disturbed or removed. Read more about Asbestos under Did You Know? Download our Asbestos Kit

Mold and Yeast Testing

The presence of molds and yeasts in living areas has become a major source of concern. They can take several forms, visible as discoloring in paint, to a chalky white substance. Some forms are more toxic than others and can cause serious health risks. The PIXIS Mold and Yeast Test Kit is easy to use and provides accurate results quickly. It is designed to identify the type of mold or yeast in your sample. Read more about mold and yeast under Did You Know? Download our Mold & Yeast Kit

Well Water Testing

If a well is your source of water you want to make sure that it is clean and free of contaminants such as bacteria, nitrate or dangerous levels of arsenic. PIXIS will test your well’s water on a regular basis so you can easily identify changes. If you have a well on your property you are required by the State of Oregon to test the well water before real estate transaction for arsenic, bacteria, and nitrate.

Our Real Estate Kit is especially priced and will give you the convenience of testing for these contaminants. We also have the hard water kit and the corrosion kit that will allow you to know what is in your water and if the water treatment is affecting the sodium and chloride levels in your water.

Download our Fluoride Kit

Download our Hard Water Kit

Download our Real Estate Kit

Download our Toxic Metal Kit

Lead-Based Paints

Many older homes have lead-based paints buried under layers of less toxic latex paint. Generally, left undisturbed there is no problem, but children teething on a window sill or scratching paint with a toy could expose older lead-based paints. Read more about lead under Did You Know?

Soil Contamination

If you’re buying or selling property it’s a good idea to know what’s there. PIXIS can help you by testing soil around work sheds or in corners that may have been used to dump chemicals or solvents that can cause problems later on in the sale.

Our organic scientists are a go-to resource to assist you in performing site cleanups or underground storage tank removal in compliance with Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). PIXIS inorganic scientists are skilled with many years of experience in the testing of leachate from soil for the 8 RCRA metals (As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Pb, Se, Ag, Hg).

Stream Water, Ponds, and Lakes

Today, stream water can be contaminated from hundreds of different things, including livestock, storm drains, or illegally disposed chemicals. PIXIS can accurately test, analyze and report what’s in your stream, pond or lake.

Tap Water Testing

Municipal water systems do an excellent job testing their output. However, older pipes can leach toxic materials such as copper and lead, creating a serious health risk.

Excess fluoride levels is also a health concern.

PIXIS will test your home’s water, and let you know what’s in it. Visit the Resources tab to download forms and sampling instructions.

Download our Fluoride Kit

Download our Toxic Metal Kit


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