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Pixis Labs is proud to be the first ORELAP Certified Cannabis Testing Lab in Oregon.

Microbiology:  333-007-0390

Pixis Labs consistently scores at or near 100% in microbiology proficiency testing from American Proficiency Institute.  We provide services for a wide range of sectors including: pathogen testing, quality indicators, Mycotoxins, sanitation monitoring, product testing, and shelf life studies.  Even if you have your own in-house QC lab, we can help with confirmation and consultation, if the need arises.

Pesticides:  333-007-0400

Pesticides are our specialty!  Pixis Labs poses not only the most extensive experience in the industry covering a wide variety of commodities including honey, potatoes, rice, barley, peppers, spices, mushrooms, spinach, hops, mint and many dehydrated products.

We’re happy to limit your analysis to the OLCC required list, however in an increasingly competitive market expanding this list to include over 600 pesticides will set your product above the crowd in a crowded market.  For this reason, Pixis Labs offers more comprehensive individual tests for many of the more difficult to analyze pesticides such as glyphosate, spinosad and mesotrione.  We are one of the few labs that offer testing for the imidazolinone “imi’s” type of herbicides (Pursuit, Arsenal, Scepter, Raptor and Cadre) and the sulfonylurea herbicides “the SU’s”.

Residual Solvents:  333-007-0410

Super-concentrated forms of Cannabis, or extracts, have become more and more popular in recent years.  Many are produced by using solvent to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from plant material.  Pixis Labs has developed methods which provide confirmation to our clients that their extracts are of the highest quality available on the market.  By testing for Residual Solvents, we are able to ensure that the producer’s concentration process is sound.  Additionally, verifying the use of high-quality solvents, free of impurities, and confirming proper and complete purging processes have been performed.

Homogeneity:  333-007-0420

Pixis Labs can provide a COA demonstrating the consistency of your Extracts and infused products.

Potency:  333-007-0430

Arguably the most popular and widely known measurement of cannabis quality, but also the most crucial in order to precisely gauge dosage.  Inaccurate results can ruin a producer’s reputation, lower your crop values and negatively affect your customer’s experience.  Pixis Labs uses the most accurate methodologies coupled with some of the most powerful instruments available to supply our clients with legally defensible results every time.


There are over 100 different terpenes identified in cannabis plants, and every strain has their own unique terpene finger print.  Some growers believe terpenes help account for the unique effects of each cannabis strain and thus are as important to the quality of your product as the THC or CBD levels.  Pixis Labs has applied our analytical expertise gleaned from over 30 years of analysis in the food industry with similar commodities, such as mint and hops, to terpene analysis in cannabis.

Labeling:  333-007-0770

Pixis Labs can provide basic FDA nutritional labeling plus optional nutrients, vitamins, major food allergen.  We also provide analysis for quality parameters, contaminants and preservatives.  Please ask us about your specific needs.


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