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Technical Services

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Technical Services

In addition to PIXIS analytical services in various fields of testing we provide the following:

Customer Service:

An excellent customer service department with experienced and highly knowledgeable staff dedicated to providing our clients with customized services including, but not limited to: 

  • Project management and historical data evaluation.
  • Interpretation of results.
  • Electronic reporting of drinking water bacteria results to Oregon Public Health.
  • Monitoring of the State’s requirements for compliance of public water systems.
  • Assistance in managing permit requirements for waste water and storm water.
  • Providing properly preserved sampling containers.
  • Scheduling of courier and/or collection services for various areas.


PIXIS consulting and project management services are led by years of experience in a variety of fields.  Our knowledgeable staff is readily available to offer you technical expertise by providing assistance in choosing the proper analytical method for the specific matrix, or to meet the requirements of your regulatory agency.  

Dr. Fred Colley the director of our microbiology and microscopy department is available for the creation of “research protocols” designed to meet quality control requirements for new product challenge and applications.


PIXIS highly trained field technicians are available to perform sample collection and field-testing for storm water and wastewater.  Dedicated ISCO samplers are offered for composite sampling to eliminate cross-contamination.

Upon request, we provide sample collection for drinking water wells and public water systems throughout selected areas.

If you have questions please call or email our customer services department at (503) 254-1794 for additional information.  For Water Testing please email  For other sampling needs, please contact

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